My Medical Mishaps

Sunday; 8-June-2008

I Finally got a ride in the Newbury Ambulance.A younger Dave

As I write this tonight I am back in the hospital. Apparently I overdid this past week because I was feeling better. Well when you push things sometimes things push back.

I’ve been feeling a dull ache in my upper left chest since I was out in the rain Thursday salvaging wood chips from the stump chipping operation. This morning before church it was back, then after church it got worse running up the left side of my neck. I told my wife that I might wind up going to the hospital before the day was over.

When my left arm went numb and got weak I figured _OK this is definitely not good, I’m calling 911_. I called and one of Newbury’s finest showed up at our door with his medical jump bag. It seems like these days most police officers are also EMT’s. He started the initial evaluation, keeping me talking. I recognized the steps from my own first responder training. He just rolled through it naturally. Not more than four minutes later the EMT’s were there with two ambulances. Those guys are good. They made it look easy. Like starting an IV in the back of a rolling ambulance, and I hardly felt it. EMT’s are good folks, my hat is off to the Byfield Ambulance people.

Anna Jacques Hospital is about 2 miles from my home. I’ve been in several hospitals in the last few years and I’m a frequent flyer at Anna Jacques. When most of the nurses in the ER look familiar and when the nurses on the CCSU floor know your name you know you’ve been there way too frequently. But when I need a hospital I would rather be in Anna Jacques. The nursing staff is the best of any of the hospitals where I’ve been a patient. The doctors are also the best. I guess that is the benefit of a community hospital it’s like being taken care of by your neighbors. They all care about you.

The first best news was the my heart was still in good steady sinus rhythm. In the emergency room my wife was looking a my heart monitor display and called it “A beautiful Rhythm”. My arrhythmia has not returned. That means that I should still be working my way out of the Congestive Heart Failure that put me in hospital on 14 April. The next issue was that my symptoms could indicate a mild stroke. Well thankfully the blood tests and MRI results showed that there were no blood clots or embolism’s in my heart, lungs or head. (so my recent weirdness must have another cause, becoming a writer maybe)

Well I’ve been admitted and await the next battery of tests to figure out what is going on now.

So that’s how I spent my Sunday afternoon. But church was good.


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