On the other end of the Lifeline while another life entered this world in Dover, NH (see the post immediately below ‘A Blessed Event’):

This morning the hospital cardiologist did a Cardiac Catheterization on me to find out what was going on with my heart. The symptoms and tests of yesterday did not appear to indicate any cardiac problems. The results were encouraging and problematic at the same time.
The good news was that my “Ejection Fraction” (that’s how much blood my heart pumps in each beat) has risen from 25% to 45% since April 15th.

The problematic news is that they discovered that two of my primary cardiac arteries are 70% blocked. From the test results these blockages have been there for a long time, I would guess from back in the 1980’s. None of the other tests I have had ever picked them up. Probably my athletic pursuits over the years had built enough excess capacity to pick up the slack. But now they are keeping the parts of my heart that they serve from recovering from the CHF damage.

Now when they discharge me tomorrow I need to set up a consult with some cardiac surgeons about a double bypass operation. More fun in the Hospital ahead for me.

I hope I can get well enough by September to get back to driving my school bus.

Heres to summer; schools almost out.