13:30 hrs – The hospitlaist finally gave me the results of the MRI. It seems that I did have a mini stroke Sunday. It was a very small one but it explained my difficulty expressing myself to the EMTs.

So now I finally have an excuse for being slow, confused, having a bad memory, not being able to hear people when they mumble, forgetting what my wife told me….. I wonder how much mileage I can get out of this.

Well it does underline the fact that I am wearing out. I guess with all the miles I’ve put on this old body the tread is finally getting thin. Well it’s been a good ride so far.

Got to talk to the Neurologist and find out what he knows.


Just sent my wife and the grandkids off to meet Joanna, return Abby and Nicky to their father and get some pictures of our new granddaughter.

Pics later

17:44 hrs: the neurologist basically confirmed that I did have a mini stroke and that my brain is partially backwards, part of my left brain is linked to my left side. He said I was already taking the right drugs to prevent further damage so just keep on as I am.

So off to my consults with Cardiac surgeons.

Surfs up, but I won’t be ridin’ any waves for a while.