My Medical Good-ish news – (No Excuse after all)

The Senior Neurologist examined all of my test results and determined that I did not have a mini stroke on Sunday or yesterday. Based on his observations of my head and the CAT Scan of my head that they performed last night, he saw that I have a bad sinus infection on the left side of my head. So I’m not having strokes. Thank God!

I feel very relieved. Thinking that I was starting to have multiple strokes, even mini ones, made me feel very biologically brittle and weak. Since Sunday I have felt like my physical was finally starting to unravel. I had this mental picture of myself developing, sort of like an old tire when the tread is worn down to the cords. But That’s not the case any more.

It still leaves me with 70% blockage in two of my main cardiac arteries, but a little garden variety angina seems like a much more manageable problem. I am still on the fast track some kind of corrective surgery. But on the whole I feel better, like this is much more survivable.

The diagnosis team of Doctors hasn’t issued the revised game plan yet, but it looks like I will be facing some kind of open heart corrective surgery within the next week.

Whether the Lord has in mind to finally take me home or if He has more for me to do down here; that’s in the hands of my Redeemer. After all he does own my life by creation and redemption. The Doctors seem to be optimistic, they all keep telling me I am a young man in good physical shape. Compared to many of my fellow heart patients in hospital I can understand their view. But whatever happens my hope in in Jesus and what he did for me on Calvary.

I need no other Argument, I need no other plea;

It is enough that Jesus died, and that He died for me.

The Atoning blood of Calvary has been wholly sufficient for my life in this world and it is sufficient for my soul to confidently soar out into the skies of eternities day.

I would appreciate an interest in your prayers. I feel that there is still much work that I would like to do around here.

Love to all my friends and enemies.



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