The official Hospital pictures of our new little princess:

The Princess herself:
The princess herself

Crystal and Joanna Joy
Mama and Joyanna
Here are some pictures Eleanor brought home from the Hospital on the Tuesday the 10th of June.

Joanna Joy
Joanna Joy

Crystal with Joanna:

Joanna with big brother and big sister
The Maine Withe Kids

The New Maine Withe family:
The new Maine Withes

Grandma and Joanna
Grandma and Joanna

Here is one of me with Nicky and Abby in my hospital room before Grandma went to meet Joanna:
Grandpa w Nicky and Abby

Abby and Nicky before Grandma brought back to daddy (Grandma took the shortest shower on record while they were visiting, very acitive kids you know)
Abby and Nicky

An in the interests of equal time, here are my New York grandkids on Memorial day

Levi & Noah (Levi was camera shy on this visit)

My NY grandkids 2

The NY Grandkids