My Latest Medical Misadventures

If you’re looking for Pictures of Joanna Joy, she’s on the next post below this one or on the link above the header.

The Medical Misadventure for today is that I am out of the Hospital. They sent me home last night, Thursday the 12th of June.

The hospitalist who was coordinating my diagnostic team reviewed all of the new information and sent me home with instructions to see a cardiac surgeon. Dr. Pourati, the cardiologist who has been taking care of me in the Hospital, set up a consult with a surgeon at Layhe Clinic, Burlington.

So now I’m looking forward to open heart surgery within the next week or two. I’ve got the consult set up with the surgeon for next Tuesday, the 16th. All of you who read this who are on speaking terms with God, I would appreciate it if you would mention my name to Him in prayer.

Not much else to report except I was viewing the films from my Heart Catheterization. I got two facts from these videos: 1). We truly are wonderfully and fearfully made and 2). I marvel that I’m still walking around.

When I think of all the dumb things I did last week, like yard work trying to save some wood chips, I am again made to marvel at how merciful my Lord is. He really does take care of fools and drunks (Hint I wasn’t drunk). Today I am feeling like a heart patient.

Well they tell me that after surgery I should make a full recovery.

My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness.

In these midst flaming worlds arrayed, with Joy will I lift up my head.

Love to all my friends and enemies



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