June 23rd is S-day (More Medical Misadventures)


S-Day (Surgery Day) next Monday the 23rd.

We just got home from my appointment with the Cardiac and Thoracic surgeon Dr. Richard Lee at Layhe Clinic. I took copies of the latest Catheritization and cardiac ultrasound films to him. Dr. Lee was very upbeat, but he put me on the fast track for surgery. Apparently what he saw in the films, heard from my doctors and the angina I experienced walking up to his office decided him to move forward as quickly.


He squeezed me into the schedule and I am preregistered, tested and semi-processed for bypass surgery on the 23rd.

The surgeon told me that there was a very low likelihood of serious complications. His estimation was I was relatively young and in good physical shape compared to the average patients that they see.

I don’t get all these doctors calling my 60 year old self young but his nurse finally decoded this “young” thing for me. She told me that 60 is the new 40. Well any advantage is only welcome.

After hearing a description of the procedure and signing the consent forms it gets scarier as it gets closer. My other surgeries have been junior varsity compared to this. Once again if you think of me mention my name to our Savior. I know I don’t walk the valley alone, but please pray.

Well I hope for the best. The Lord has gotten me into the queue with one of the best cardiac surgeons at Layhe clinic (according to the reports I’ve had from his colleagues and nurses). According to my electrophysiologist Layhe does more of the garden variety bypass operations than about any other hospital. They are experts in fixing my kind of problem. So I praise Him for his matchless Grace and providential care.

I deserve nothing good but Jesus has been giving me good, despite my deserts, for the last 37 years. Given my health history ‘when I pull through this’ I’ll be in my seventh overtime inning. As I wrote to a friend in New Zealand, without the miracles of modern medicine and a healthy dose of the Divine kind of miracles I would have gone home back in 1987, 1990, several times in 2004, 2005 and now in 2008. Through His grace though I may be faint, like Gideon, I’m still pursuing.

My hope is in the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.

(And besides, He keeps giving me more and more pieces of the eight novel series that I’m trying to write so I guess He’s not done with me yet.)

Love to all my friends and enemies



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