Home Sweet Home; Sunday


My wife brought me home from the Hospital yesterday. I am very glad to be home.  One set of challenges is behind me.  By all accounts the surgery was a success. I am completely free from any Angina and my heart rhythm is solid and regular (Sinus). Thanks be to God.

Then yesterday afternoon I started reading the stuff that Layhe Clininc gave me about what to expect after surgery and now I feel a bit like one of those people who climb big mountains. When they  reach the summit they’ve reached their goal and finished the hardest part of the climb but they still have to get back down to the world. That’s how I feel now looking at the predictions.

According to the surgeons it should take 4-6 weeks for the extreme pain from the surgery to finally go away. It seems that all the muscles and tendons in my chest and back were strained when the surgeons pulled my chest open to get at my heart.

Next, because my breastbone was split in half I need to be very careful to not put stress on it until it knits back together (after about 4 months). This means I can’t lift, pull or push more than 5 pounds with either hand or arm for the first month; 10 lbs for the second month; 15 lbs for the third month.  If I use both hands I can double it. (ie. a gallon of milk weighs 8 lbs. so that’s a two handed job for me until August) This means I can’t pick up any of the grandkids until next November.

It is amazing how much we use our hands to carry our own weight and don’t even think about it. They gave me a Heart pillow to “hug” with both hands while I do things like getting into and out of bed or a chair; to keep me from using my hands. If I don’t get it right I can split my breastbone at the cut that is in the process of healing. Then I’ll have to go  back in for surgery to fix that. (shiver) I’m going to be very carefull.

Still in all this My Father’s grace is enough. He sent me through this, so I’ve had His grace to help me when I needed it. I only hope I’ve been a good example to someone of what a Christian man looks like when he goes through hard things.

Love to all my friends and enemies



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