Second Sunday home; medical misadventures

Me at Nubble Light
Me at Nubble Light

One week later.

Well I’m not exactly on vacation at the beach. This pic was taken before I went in for the bypass operation, but I am finally starting to feel a little better.

I’ve been able to stand taking my pain meds 6 hours apart instead of every four hours with Ibuprofin in between.

So today I’m going to church for Joanna Joy’s dedication and a fellowship meal afterwards at the parsonage. This is a really big deal, last week I didn’t even think about leaving the house. Now i’m going to church.

A few minor hiccups along the way. One of my incisions on my leg looks like it may be getting infected, have to show it to the doctor tomorrow. One of the holes where my chest tubes were started to bleed this morning and got blood on my dress shirt but a bandage fixed that. It was the deepest of the holes in my belly so I guess that is normal even though it is a pain.

I’ll have some more Pics of Joanna to post this afternoon, and if I can find an mp3 sharing site for free I’ll start posting Bro. Groders sermons too.

Well got to go get ready.

Love to all my friends and enemies.



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