September Update


It’s been a while since I updated. I’ve been busy with a collaborative story that I’m writing online with a guy from Anchorage, AK. If your’re interested here is the link IC Matthew 24 et al
My attempt to put sermons on this blog took a lot of time too but didn’t work too well.

The big news from my Medical Misadventures thread is that I started back to work on Sept. 2nd driving school bus again. I’ve still got another month of Cardiac Rehab but for all intents and purposes I’m over the problems.

I don’t hurt any more (except muscle aches when I overdo) and I’m done with restrictions on what I can lift at the end of September.

So naturally I got a summer cold to make up for it.

Not much interesting going on except on the School Bus, the kids always surprise you. I’ve got one of the liveliest bunch of kids in the town for which I drive. But I have school bus radio on the bus they gave me this year. The music keeps them quieter and it also has a microphone to allow me to speak through the radio speakers. Sounds a bit like the Voice of God from one of those old movies.

It gets their attention and I don’t have to shout to be “not” heard. They hear me now. Sometimes they listen to me too. :~)

I’m working on the “best of” pictures of the grandkids and Joanna. I’ll post them soon.