A Pre-Christmas Miracle Report

anom-maine-daveThe Lord Answers prayer.

One of the critical milestones in the whole tenant relations issue in Holliston has been my construction of a new septic system to replace the old  system. I gave the check to the Engineering company to start the design work in the middle of September. Normally such systems take many months from the start of the design work to completion.

Well the Lord helped from the beginning. My property manager has good relations with the Engineering firm and the local town officials and the project design and approval process was put on the fast track. The building permit was issued in the beginning of November; but the local contractors were too busy to bid on the job to install my system. Out of the blue a contractor from Blackstone saw my permit right after it issued and gave me a bid. (Jasco Management, Fred Gremza. They do excellent work and Fred is a good man to work with)

I signed the contract with them to put in the new system toward the end of November. They estimated a start date on the installation project during the last week of November. It was starting to look like winter and you can’t do this kind of work once the ground freezes and snow flies.

Well the Lord gave us good warm days for digging all the way through the time Jasco was installing the septic tank and leach field. But winter weather was closing in. The outside part of the system was still open to the weather as of this past weekend and snow was predicted for this past Monday. It didn’t come.

On Wednesday the final outside plumbing connections were complete and the only thing left was the last inspection and backfilling over the pipes and septic tank. The weather forcast predicted the first major snow storm of the season for Friday. The inspection happened Thursday night. Mr. Gremza’s crew was there Friday morning at 8:00 AM and did the final backfilling. The system is now closed up and ready to go as soon as the plumbing in the house is attached.

It started to snow at 3:00 PM on Friday just hours after the system was closed up to the weather.  Praise the Lord! (the storm dropped about eight inches of snow)

Who woulda thunk that we could build a new septic system at this time of year. But our God is able and He made the way for us to get the job done. All that’s left is the indoor plumbing work and it’ll be complete.

I call it a significant miracle the way the weather held off until the outside work was done. You might think otherwise but I’d rather live in the world where my Father runs the storm clouds and answers prayer for those who call on him in faith.

He kept assuring us whenever we prayed that He was going to make it all work; and He did. From getting the approvals for the project in record time,  having Fred (Jasco) show up at just the right time and the way the snow storm held off  until the last part of the system was covered, He made the way for it to work. Thanks be to God!

Thanks also to all who worked at the job to get it done. Pete, Fred, GLM, the Holliston Board of Health, the engineers,  inspectors and the guys working in the trenches.  Thank you all.

God miraculously opened the door, we got up and walked through it to claim the victory.

Love to all my friends and enemies.



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