December Update

anom-maine-dave Well here it is December.

I guess the biggest news is that we had all the kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving. The house sounded about like my elementary school bus for four days. It was great.

We were filled up with grandkids and kids. I really do have to get some pictures up on line. Joanna is still a doll, and we don’t see Josh and Crystal enough. (Josh had to work Friday so they weren’t there even though their kids were.)

And it looks like we will have Christmas this year after all. Hannah and Mike invited us up to be with them in Lake Placid. Hey even in the land of White Chritstmas, the land of endless winter. Money will be tight but we’ll be with family.


The not so big news is that my tenant hasn’t been paying the rent on my mothers old house for three months now.  She is a former paralegal. I started eviction proceedings for nonpayment of rent and  now she has threatened to sue me for damages. I guess a judge could award her up to three months rent if she can get a judge to agree with her.  Interesting; Like the facts don’t matter?

A lawyer on the radio once recited the old lawyering maxim that said, “If you have the law on your side, cite the law; if you have facts, cite the facts; if you have neither, pound on the table.”

As near as I can tell she’s pounding on the table.

Never mind that I’ve had to raid the cash value of all my insurance policies and wipe out my savings to pay for the Septic System replacement and ongoing expenses.  I tried to get a mortgage on Mom’s old house to pay for the project and the bank turned me down. I don’t make enough money as a school bus driver to get a mortgage, even with the rent coming in (which it isn’t right now).

(Missing three months of work while I was in the hospital almost dying last April, May and June didn’t help much either.)

I’ve had the suspicion for a while that she’s saving up for something and has decided that I’m the mark to steal from to get it. Almost $4000 of rent not paid is a pretty good savings account. Yup, you betcha.

Now I’ve got to hire a lawyer too boot. Oh well what are 401k retirement savings for if not to pour down a rathole after a deadbeat tenant. I really can’t afford this landlord business, especially not in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

But the Lord keeps assuring my wife and me that He’s got things under control and He’ll take care of us in this situation. He has some very not nice things to say in the Bible about those who:  a) don’t pay their bills; b) try to steal from the poor; and c) rise up against Levi. He says vengeance is His;  that’s fine with me I don’t want vengeance,  I just want to be able to pay my bills.

The best vengeance would be for her to repent of her larcenous ways,  get evangelically saved from sin and become an honest and sincere person. That would make God happy, Jesus happy, me happy and most of all she would really be happy from the inside out for the first time in her life.


Oh and in the midst of all this there is a miracle to report. I put down the deposit in the middle of September on the engineering plan for the new septic system. What with the time for the Engineers to do their thing and the permitting process through the town it was November before we could go out for bids to the contractors. None of the ones we asked were able to do the job, too busy.

A contractor by the name of Jasco Management from Blackstone MA (@ 40 miles south) saw the permit at town hall and bid on the job. I hired him to do the job on Nov 15th. He said it would take about three weeks to get it done if it didn’t snow. We had weather in the teens for the next week.  Fact: It’s against the law to build a septic system with frozen soil. (hmmm)

(Oh by the way, if you need contracting in southern Mass or RI call Fred at Jasco, he’s one of the best)

It is now the 9th of December, snow,  ice and frozen ground time in good old New England.  But The Lord has sent us warm weather for the whole 12 days that Jasco has been out there digging and installing.  The outside work is nearly done and closed up in time for this weekends predicted snow storm. Glory be to God!

My hope is in the Lord who made the Heavens and the Earth, I will not fear what man can do to me.  (“It’s all just stuff anyways.” to quote my friend K.D. Atkins)

Love to all my friends and enemies.

(You who think you’re my enemy. Hah! You’re not really my enemy,  you’re a soul for whom my Jesus died to save you from your sins and make you Holy. You’re really just a friend who hasn’t happened yet.)




September Update


It’s been a while since I updated. I’ve been busy with a collaborative story that I’m writing online with a guy from Anchorage, AK. If your’re interested here is the link IC Matthew 24 et al
My attempt to put sermons on this blog took a lot of time too but didn’t work too well.

The big news from my Medical Misadventures thread is that I started back to work on Sept. 2nd driving school bus again. I’ve still got another month of Cardiac Rehab but for all intents and purposes I’m over the problems.

I don’t hurt any more (except muscle aches when I overdo) and I’m done with restrictions on what I can lift at the end of September.

So naturally I got a summer cold to make up for it.

Not much interesting going on except on the School Bus, the kids always surprise you. I’ve got one of the liveliest bunch of kids in the town for which I drive. But I have school bus radio on the bus they gave me this year. The music keeps them quieter and it also has a microphone to allow me to speak through the radio speakers. Sounds a bit like the Voice of God from one of those old movies.

It gets their attention and I don’t have to shout to be “not” heard. They hear me now. Sometimes they listen to me too. :~)

I’m working on the “best of” pictures of the grandkids and Joanna. I’ll post them soon.



Home Sweet Home; Sunday


My wife brought me home from the Hospital yesterday. I am very glad to be home.  One set of challenges is behind me.  By all accounts the surgery was a success. I am completely free from any Angina and my heart rhythm is solid and regular (Sinus). Thanks be to God.

Then yesterday afternoon I started reading the stuff that Layhe Clininc gave me about what to expect after surgery and now I feel a bit like one of those people who climb big mountains. When they  reach the summit they’ve reached their goal and finished the hardest part of the climb but they still have to get back down to the world. That’s how I feel now looking at the predictions.

According to the surgeons it should take 4-6 weeks for the extreme pain from the surgery to finally go away. It seems that all the muscles and tendons in my chest and back were strained when the surgeons pulled my chest open to get at my heart.

Next, because my breastbone was split in half I need to be very careful to not put stress on it until it knits back together (after about 4 months). This means I can’t lift, pull or push more than 5 pounds with either hand or arm for the first month; 10 lbs for the second month; 15 lbs for the third month.  If I use both hands I can double it. (ie. a gallon of milk weighs 8 lbs. so that’s a two handed job for me until August) This means I can’t pick up any of the grandkids until next November.

It is amazing how much we use our hands to carry our own weight and don’t even think about it. They gave me a Heart pillow to “hug” with both hands while I do things like getting into and out of bed or a chair; to keep me from using my hands. If I don’t get it right I can split my breastbone at the cut that is in the process of healing. Then I’ll have to go  back in for surgery to fix that. (shiver) I’m going to be very carefull.

Still in all this My Father’s grace is enough. He sent me through this, so I’ve had His grace to help me when I needed it. I only hope I’ve been a good example to someone of what a Christian man looks like when he goes through hard things.

Love to all my friends and enemies


A New day of advenure

I am movin ahead toward recovery today. I got most of my “Lines” removed today. My central line is gone and they pulled out my chest lines this after noon. That hurt but it feels a lot beter now that the three drain lines are out of my chest. I’m feeling more human now.

Bypass Operation was a success

I came through the bypass operation sussessfully.  I am living on powerful painkillers and I can’t move without help but they tell me that I’m in good shape considering. 

They just moved me out of the surgical ICU. I thank the Lord for his goodness to me.  More later once I get my laptop. I’m trying to type ths on the computer TV in the room. Strange device not all the funcitons work.

Love to all my friends and enemies


A Blessed Event

Monday 9-June-2008

Breaking news:

Dateline Dover N.H.: At 4:25 PM Crystal Withe gave birth to Joanna Joy Withe, at the Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover N.H. 7Lbs 3 oz, 19 1/8 inches long; mother and baby are doing fine. Joanna is already hungry in her sleep so we expect her to take after her older brother Nicholas who never met food or chocolate he didn’t like. [well most food anyway]

Joanna was born in a water birth so she went swimming before she took her first breath. This may presage greatness in this water loving family. In the words of her proud father Joshua she looks like her older sister Abigail and her aunt Hannah .

I will be following up on a seperate page.