6 July 2008

Joanna Joy Withe’s Dedication

 Sunday morning at the Haverhill Pilgrim Holiness Church our friend Rev. Kurt Groder dedicated Joanna to the Lord. Here is a video clip of much of the actual service. It also includes some video of Joanna, Josh and Crystal after the church service at the parsonage.


15 June 2008
Father’s Day Present; I finnaly get to meet Joanna Joy

Well I finally got to meet Joanna. Josh and Crystal came down to church Sunday for Fathers Day. Joanna is a little doll (of course I might be prejudiced a little). She Looks like Abby did at the same age.

It’s amazing how small newborns are, but that’s how we all started out. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Crystal told me she inherited Josh’s work schedule (sleeps during the day and is wide awake at night). They are trying to get her off of the night shift so mamma can get some sleep (good luck kids).

Here are a few pictures with her eyes open.


Joanna commenting

Hey it’s a tough job being a baby, takes a lot of work you know!

OK I\'m in this stupid car seat, but I don\'t have to like it.

OK, I’m in this stupid car seat, but I don’t have to like it.

daddy with his hands full

Daddy’s got his hands full.

Mama and the sisters

Mamma and the sisters.

Gramma and Joanna, heat to heart

Gramma and the princess; heart to heart talk.It\'s nice to have a sister

It’s really nice to finally have a sister.the Little engine that could, according to Gramma

The Little Engine that could, the world according to Gramma.

What do you mean dinner won\'t be for a while?

What do you mean dinner isn’t for a while?

That’s all for now, the rest of the pics are going to be on snapfish.


A bit of peace from Snapping Turtle Manor:

Quiet Pond a Twilight

Joanna Joy – 1 day old

The official Hospital pictures of our new little princess:

The Princess herself:
The princess herself

Crystal and Joanna Joy
Mama and Joyanna
Here are some pictures Eleanor brought home from the Hospital on the Tuesday the 10th of June.

Joanna Joy
Joanna Joy

Crystal with Joanna:

Joanna with big brother and big sister
The Maine Withe Kids

The New Maine Withe family:
The new Maine Withes

Grandma and Joanna
Grandma and Joanna

Here is one of me with Nicky and Abby in my hospital room before Grandma went to meet Joanna:
Grandpa w Nicky and Abby

Abby and Nicky before Grandma brought back to daddy (Grandma took the shortest shower on record while they were visiting, very acitive kids you know)
Abby and Nicky

An in the interests of equal time, here are my New York grandkids on Memorial day

Levi & Noah (Levi was camera shy on this visit)

My NY grandkids 2

The NY Grandkids


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